Computer Specialists

Basalt, CO

Sam and Darby

Welcome to Computer Specialists
Serving Aspen, Basalt and the Upper Roaring Fork Valley

We do most everything that needs to be done with individual PC’s and peer-to-peer networks. We don’t claim to be Mac experts but we have been doing basic Mac work for the past year or two.

The best thing is for you to call and spend 5 minutes chatting with one of us about your needs and goals. If we can help, we’ll put you on the schedule. If not, we’ll try to recommend you call someone else. If you call and get voice-mail, please let us know what your call is regarding. That way if we get your voice mail on the callback, we can leave you a relevant response, instead of just playing phone tag with names and numbers.

Specialties include:

  • PC Repair, including data recovery.
  • Networks, including simple broadband, printer and data sharing.
  • Backup Systems.
  • Windows Reinstalls, preferably with assistance of our recommended backup solution.
  • Remote Control problem fixes, when your computer is still on the internet.
  • Virus/Spyware prevention and repair.
  • Consulting, research and helping you order your next computer.
  • Moving your data and settings to your next computer.
  • Remote Access to your office computer.